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Who do you believe Jesus is? A great prophet? Just a guy making outrageous claims? Or maybe He’s actually the Son of God, as He claimed. The answer to this question is literally a matter of life or death!  | STUDY GUIDE



01. A Picture Of God

What is your picture of God?

02. What Are You Worth?

How much you are worth?

03.Left Out Of The Picture

Felt like something missing??

04 Doubting Thomas

Why did Thomas have doubts?

05. Lost and Found

Have you ever lost something?

06. Weighed in the Balances

What happens after death?

The Search for Certainty Bible study series explores the teachings of the Bible in an easy-to-follow format. Each of the 30 studies can be used with nearly any version of the Bible. This is the place to start!
Whether you're just beginning your study of the Bible or feel its time for a review, the New Beginnings Bible study programs will help you on your journey to discovering God's plans for you, with topics like "What Happened to Right and Wrong?" and "The Best Is Yet to Come!" 

You will enjoy exploring the prophetic book of Daniel. Each lesson explains Daniel’s prophecies and how they impact your life and future. Thought-provoking topics include:
+ Confidence in Crisis + Kingdoms in Collision
+ Always on Time + Still in His Hands

It Is Written is a Christian media ministry passionate about communicating the Gospel to the world. It Is Written seeks to impact lives for Christ in four ways: the weekly TV program, online media, a worldwide evangelistic ministry, and Christian faith-sharing resources.
Jesus 101 exists to introduce people to the real Jesus of the gospel and to equip them to share His love to others. The primary purpose of this Institute is to offer Biblical training using Christ-centered interpretive tools. The secondary purpose of the Institute is to develop resources that motivate and equip for the study of Scripture.
Our flagship 30-minute program features the very best of Pastor Doug Batchelor and Amazing Facts programs. Explore the Bible like never before and get practical guidance on Christian living, prophecy, and more. You will find the Bible’s answers to all your questions about life.

Hope Sabbath School

Review of the weekly Sabbath School Lessons

Amazing Facts

Amazing Facts TV Bible Lessons programs broadcast

Thank you for Connecting with the Victory Seventh-day Adventist Church via our website. We hope your online experience provides you a great taste of worship and fellowship at Victory. No matter where you are or what season of life you are in, you are welcome to join us in worship and fellowship. We are located in the North Bronx area of the borough of Bronx, one of the five boroughs of our great city, New York City; the city we love and serve. We are excited about how God is changing lives because of  our church, and we would love for you to be part of the awesome change! You're welcome to visit this site day or night. If you're ever in the North Bronx area please stop by Victory to meet us face to face and experience the full worship and fellowship at victorious Victory! Welcome again!

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So many families struggle to send their kids back to school with all the required items, but through our local church, we are making a difference. Our efforts will go from good to great if we have the support of everyone in our community.
Welcome to Victory Seventh-day Adventist Church, where worship is intentional and praise is a lifestyle. We’re all family here. Safe, supported accepted, interconnected. What affects one affects all. Our main worship services or on Saturdays (Sabbath), on Sundays are our early morning prayer and community outreach. Wednesdays we come together for mid-week prayer. Our mission brings us together; Christ’s love keeps us together. (....More) 
-Sabbath School 9:30 AM
Main Worship  11:00 AM
 Youth Meeting 5:00 PM 
Morning Prayer 6:00 AM
Food Pantry (1st & 3rd Sundays) 10:00 AM

Mid-Week Prayer & Praise 7:30 PM

*Baby Dedication - 2nd Saturdays 11AM
*Baptism  - 11:00 AM Service Time
*Weddings - Sundays (No Saturdays)
* Special Services require prior consultation or arrangement with a Pastor or Church Clerk | Our Live broadcast is available every Saturday at 11:00 AM and on special occasions